Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Sentosa Phenomenon

Strange circular black clouds spotted above Sentosa, Singapore 19/02/07

This squid like cloud phenomena astonished a host of public witnesses in Sentosa, Singapore in 2007 - it seems unexplainable what was occurring, and the even remains unexplaied to this day.
What do you think it may be? a simple freak of nature? or some kind of spirit? or intelligent presence?

Watch Videoclip; The Sentosa Phenomenon

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Spinning Saucer shaped Ufo caught on video

The Prophet Yahweh calls a classic Saucer shaped UFO which rotates and spins for us on camera. Clear as crystal this is one of the most amazing videos we can have the pleasure to see as far as ufos are cooncerned, as are many of the Prophet Yahweh's videos. Prophet Yahweh is an eccentric, but phenomenal person with his strange ability to tune into and manifest UFO phenomena
Many people try to Humbug his shows as weather ballons, but this one is irrefutably not a weather balloon, as can be said for many other of his presentations.

Watch and wonder! Spinning Flying Saucer

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Strange Morphing Being-Craft?

Alien Morphing Being? .... or is it some kind of Craft?

Above Pic; Morphing UFO Phoenix, Arizona, June 27, 2004
This video taken by the "prophet Yahweh" - a man who is even capable of inviting tv news channel to come and film while he calls upon ufos to appear (he can do this almost at will) - shows a floating object which begins in the form of a space astronaut with jetpack, and then "morphs" into an everchanging ufo craft like shape, which proceeds to emit lights and flashes. The video shows stills of the sequence which catch the various shapes and mutations of the object - in fact there are two objects, but the cameraman prefers to concentrate on the left side one as the second object descends and disappears behind the roof of a house.

Watch and wonder! - Morphing UFO

Watch more possible morphing beings - Interdimensional Visitors

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Alien being filmed

Alien Being with jetpack filmed by amateur video enthusiast

This video was featured on jaime Maussan's show, and is over a year or so old now, but atill raises astonishment every time it is viewed. The being has been nicknamed the Chupacabras. If you examine the moment where the being springs off into the air, crossing the field in the background, notice how there is a vapor emission from the backpack which the being is wearing. The person who took this video has neither asked for any money for it nor has he desired to reveal his identity. This in itself adds to the credibility of the video
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Alien Beings on rooftop

Taken by two young video aficionados in Guadalajara - both eerie and frightening are these strange beings seen to be moving around performing some kind of exercise on the roof of a multi story building..

These beings have extremely long necks and small heads, and are of a very high stature, which is noticeable when one of them raises up to full height at the beginning of the video. This video seems to be totally authentic, and is perhaps a little frightening. Somehting about these beings emits an air of unfriendliness.

Watch free full length documentaries on;
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Friday, September 4, 2009

UFO Secret .NASA. Transmissions

UFO; The Secret NASA. Transmissions.

Watch the convincing evidence in this award winning documentary "The Smoking Gun".
EBE Award Winner. Best Film International UFO Congress Film Festival. On March 11, 2000, in front of an assembled audience of UFO enthusiasts and the media, evidence was presented that would appear to indicate the existence of, not one, but two types of unknown extraterrestrial lifeforms. Labeled Phenomena One and Phenomena Two by a man who spent several years recording and logging thousands of hours of NASA space shuttle transmissions, this historic footage and the story that lay behind its discovery can now be revealed.
Runtime 90 min

The Smoking Gun(2004)

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Nasa Shuttle visited by Ufos

NASA Shuttle visited by Unidentified Flying Objects
Presenting conclusive evidence taken by the NASA cameras on a space mission with the NASA communications network on air and conversing about three (or four) objects on a trajectory passing the space shuttle. The second half of the video is a press meeting where NASA tries to explain the anomily away as ":debris objects".
NORAD catalog has tracked 8000 objects this year.

UFO Sightings 2009 NASA

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UFOs and the Whitehouse


Watch Video documentary of the gathered evidence questioning how much evidence there is connecting the Whitehouse and the UFO files agenda, and whether there has been any opening of files in the highest office of US government.

Ufos and the Whitehouse
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

When UFOs arrive

ufo files - When UFOs arrive. (Documentary)
This video documentary presents a look into the workings of secretive government policies handling extraterrestrial visits and investigating the "JANAP-146" military report guidelines , included in the report is the FEMA disaster guide on what to do in case of an extraterrestrial craft crashing.

UFO Files is a US documentary series that was produced from 2004 to 2007 for History Channel. The series covered the subject of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and Unidentified submerged objects (USOs), as well as close encounters with what were alleged to be extraterrestrial life forms. In addition, alleged military and government cover-up conspiracies.

In 2008, a spin-off series called UFO Hunters premiered on the same channel.

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